Recommended Players
DRM compatible Bookmarking Off/On feature* Full Time Display Rechargable Battery Flash Memory Hard Drive Forward and Reverse Custom Software** Lock Option Multi-Color Display eBook Compatible 256MB 512MB 1G 1.5G 2G and up <$100 $100 < $150 >$150 Notes
Rio Nitrus                    
Rio Carbon 6                   Firmware Upgrade Required
Rio ce2100                   Firmware Upgrade Required
Rio Forge Sport                    
Rio Karma                    
Creative Zen Nano Plus                    
Creative MuVo Slim                      
Creative Zen Micro                   Custom software has some difficulty transfering license
Archos Gmini XS100                
SanDisc 256                      
HP Pocket PC                  
Dell Pocket DJ                 Firmware Upgrade Required
Truly MP310                        
Samsung YP-T7G                    
Coby MPC941                                
RCA Lyra 2765                      
Rave MP 2.5 ARC                        
Dell DJ Ditty                  
Toshiba Gigabeat F10                  
Samsung YH-820                        
iRiver H10                    
iRiver T30                                
JVC XA-MP51                      
Creative Zen Touch                      
Many players on the market are designed primarily for use with music. Functions important for eaudiobooks include:
1) Support of WMP/DRM encrypted files - all recommended players meet this criterion
2) Adequate memory - 256MB will hold one eight-hour book, 512MB will hold two books, 1G will hold four books, etc.
3) Bookmarking or "Off/On" - "Off/On" defined as shutting player off without stopping/pausing, then restarting player to return to same place in file
4) Full time display/Forward and Reverse - other aids to navigability
The following players have been tested and are not recommended for eaudiobooks:
Sony Walkman, Philips Jukebox, RCA Lyra, Lexar LDP, MPIO, Gateway Jukebox