System-wide Wireless Solution

BID # 06-AD002

DATE July 27, 2006




Sealed bids for NAME OF ITEM for the Ouachita Parish Public Library will be received in the Director’s Office of the Ouachita Parish Public Library, Main Branch, 1800 Stubbs Avenue, Monroe, La., until 4 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2006.


Any manufacturer’s names, trade names, catalogue or model numbers, or other similar material identifying a particular product, of a particular grade of product, are used for descriptive purposes, to establish the standard of quality, design, and performance. However, any substitution or departure proposed must be clearly noted and described. Otherwise, it will be assumed that the Bidder proposed to supply the items as specifically described in these Specifications.


It is understood and agreed that the Bidder, if awarded the subject contract, will protect, defend and hold harmless the Library, its members, agents, and employees, from any claims, suits, or demands. This includes demand for payment for the use of any trade secret that may enter into the design, manufacture, or use of the item or services contracted for. Including any material, device, article or process the use or which is substantially important to the proper and most effective use of the items or services contracted for. Bidder further agrees to indemnify in full the Library, its members, employees and agents for any amounts which they may be required to expend in the defense of such claims, suits of demands, or in settlement thereof, or in satisfaction of any judgement, award or decree resulting therefrom.


Bidder agrees, if awarded the subject contract, to protect, defend and hold harmless the Library, its members, agents and employees, from any claims, demands or suits of any nature arising from or in any way connected with injury or damage to person, property, business or reputation, sustained by reason of any of the acts of the Bidder, his agents, employees, successors or assigns, or of anyone from whom Bidder is legally responsible.


Bidder, by submitting a proposal in response to this invitation, agrees to be bound by each of the terms and conditions hereof. Also, bidder agrees that said terms and conditions constitute the terms of the contract between the Library and Bidder, effective upon award of the contract by the Library.


Bidders must be aware that all bids accepted for eRate items will be contingent on the award of eRate funds. Contracts will clearly state that they will be null and void if eRate funds are not awarded. Erate bidders must have a SPIN (Service Provider Identification Number), SPAC (Service Provider Annual Certification), and FCC#, where required, from the SLC (Schools and Libraries Division) or the bid will not be considered. Erate bids will be scored on an assessment sheet in accordance with eRate rules. All eRate RFPs will be clearly identified.






1.                  BIDS

Bids shall be made on the form provided.  All blank spaces of the form shall be fully filled.


As of September 1, 1991, the Ouachita Parish Public Library is exempt from all sales and use tax. Refer to Act No. 1029 which revised R.S. 47:301. Bid prices shall EXCLUDE sales tax.


Bid price shall include delivery to the Ouachita Parish Public Library.


Bid forms must be signed by an officer or member of the bidding vendor who is authorized to legally bind the bidder to the terms of this invitation.


All bids shall be considered to be effective and available for thirty (30) days after the date stated above as the bid opening date unless other wise stated in the special conditions below.


The Ouachita Parish Public Library reserves the right to waive defects and informalities in proposals, to reject any or all proposals, to accept such proposal as it may deem to be in its best interest, and to award the contract by items, combination of items, or by lot.


Information pertaining to any term or condition of this invitation to bid may be obtained through the Eileen R. Kontrovitz, Head of Automation, Ouachita Parish Public Library, Main Branch, 1800 Stubbs Avenue, Monroe, LA, 71201, 318-327-1490 ex 3004.


No oral, telephonic, or telegraphic bids or modifications will be considered.


2.                  SUBMISSION OF BIDS


Bidder shall complete all pages of the specification and SHALL RETURN ENTIRE BID PACKET INTACT to the Director’s Office.


Bids shall be enclosed in an opaque envelope marked as following and delivered as required.

To:________Ouachita Parish Public Library, Library Director_______________

Name of Bidder: _________Your Company Name       _____________

Proposal For: ____________System wide wireless solution               __

Bid Number_______________#-06-AD002_____________________


Bid must be received prior to the date and time designated above as closing time of bids. Bids received after that time will not be considered.





This bid is to provide secure, filtered, enterprise level wireless access to patrons and staff of the library. The system bid MUST guarantee security to the staff portion of the network. The bidder must provide a written guarantee of same and be responsible for any intrusion into the closed portion of the network. The bidder must guarantee, in writing, that it will correct any damage to network equipment due to intrusion into the secure portion of the network due to his lack of security setup.


The bidder MUST guarantee that his system can authenticate in a library environment using existing SIP2 (SirsiDynix SIP2 Partnership required) authentication protocol to our existing ILS database. Bluesocket BlueSecure Controllers and Bluesocket Wireless Access Points are preferred to integrate seamlessly with the ILS patron authentication to allow different rights and privileges based on that patron authentication. The system must also fully integrate with an existing Cymphonix (LiveNetwork™) filtering and bandwidth composer solution. Integration will provide bandwidth limitations based on authenticated logon, staff logon, and guest logon. A high degree of configurability is required. The solution must be able to set up user rights, types of access, bandwidth management, length of user session, and days and times of connectivity. Bluesocket certified partnership required.


Multiple authentication methods should be able to be configured including but not limited to SIP2, 802.1x/WPA, LDAP, MAC Address, Digital Certificate, Cisco 802.1x EAP-FAST, Kerberos, Local Controller Database, etc. Real-time monitoring for detection of malicious traffic base on user behavior without requiring client side software is a requirement. Controller configuration should be done in conjunction with the Automation staff of the library.


The solution must allow the patrons easy access without downloading any additional software into their device. All eight branches will be included in the project but installation at the new branch being built in Sterlington will be required in Spring/Summer 2007. All other branches will be installed as soon after the bid as possible. Site visits are desirable but not required. The library will install the wire to the devices prior to installation. Power over Ethernet devices are a requirement.


The bid

 must include itemized cost of each device, installation, shipping, configuration, training, and any other costs associated with the project.


Questions about these requirements should be made to Eileen R. Kontrovitz, Head of Automation, Ouachita Parish Public Library, 1800 Stubbs Avenue, Monroe LA, 71201. Email address, eileenk@oplib.org. Phone number 318-327-1490 ex. 3004.












System-Wide Wireless Solution

BID FORM #06-AD002

 OPENING August 17, 2006









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