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Date Day Time Branch Description
Dec. 16 Tues. 3:30 pm JR Searcy Christmas party and Movie! A Christmas Carol. PG. 96 min.
Dec. 16 Tues. 4 pm Main Christmas Party: Christmas treats, games, and fun!
Dec. 17 Wed. 3:30 pm Carver-McDonald Teens in the Kitchen: Make your own mini pizzas.
Dec. 17 Wed. 3:30 pm West Monroe Teen Time: Game Day
Dec. 17 Wed. 4 pm Main Christmas Movie: Elf
Dec. 17 Wed. 4 pm West Ouachita DIY Snowglobes!
Dec. 18 Thurs. 3:30 pm Anna Meyer Teen Craft:Popsicle stick snowflake
Dec. 18 Thurs. 4 pm Ouachita Valley Movie: Home Alone. 113 mins.
Dec. 19 Fri. 2 pm Main Gingrbread Men: Decorate and enjoy!
Dec. 27 Sat. 11 am Anna Meyer Teen Movie: Transformers: Age of Extinctionl
Dec. 30 Tues. 2:30 pm Anna Meyer Teen Craft: DIY 3D snowflake
Jan. 3 Sat. 2 pm Ollie Burns Weekend Matinee
Jan. 5 Mon. 3:30 pm West Monroe Teen Time: Movie: The Maze Runner
Jan. 6 Tues. 3:30 pm JR Searcy Game: Tapple
Jan. 6 Tues. 4 pm Main Karaoke Party: Enjoy an afternoon of awful singing and laughter in the Louis Lock Room.
Jan. 6 Tues. 4 pm West Ouachita DIY Clothespin Picture Wreath
Jan. 7 Wed. 4 pm West Monroe Teen Time: Game Day
Jan. 8 Thurs. 4 pm Main Visible Board: Instead of a resolution for 2015, let's make a vision of what you want 2015 to look like for you.
Jan. 8 Thurs. 4:30 pm Ollie Burns Ring into the New Year with a night fun and games. Refreshments will be served.
Jan. 9 Fri. 4 pm Ouachita Valley Ouachita Valley Youth Advisory Committee Meeting. Why join the committee? You can help us better meet the needs of area youth by contributing innovative ideas that will keep teens coming back.
Jan. 9 Fri. 5:55 pm West Monroe Music Mayhem at the library, with a special live appearance by local band, Redemption of the King. You must be in the library by 5:55 pm to attend. The library doors will be locked promptly at 6 pm.
Jan. 10 Sat/ 1 pm Main Afternoon Art: Make & Take
Jan. 13 Tues. 3:30 pm JR Searcy Craft: Decorating Cookies
Jan. 13 Tues. 4 pm Main Teen Scientist: We will do two experiments - Elephant toothpaste & Flubber.
Jan. 13 Tues. 4 pm West Ouachita DIY Stained Glass Bookmarks
Jan. 14 Wed. 4 pm West Monroe Teen Time: Readers' Theatre
Jan. 15 Thurs. 4 pm Main Melted Crayon Art.
Jan. 15 Thurs. 4 pm Ouachita Valley Stencil Spray Pain Art. Victoria Patrick will demonstrate how to use stencils and spraypaint creative art. You must have a signed permission form. Reg@327-1470
Jan. 15 Thurs. 4:30 pm Ollie Burns Minute to Win It! Let's see what team has what it takes to gain the most points in a minute.
Jan. 16 Fri. 4 pm Ouachita Valley Safe Place Seminar. Mr. Rodney Alex will be talking with teens about the program Safe Place and the organization Our House. Refreshments will be provided.
Jan. 17 Sat 2 pm JR Searcy Saturday Afternnon Movie: The Maze Runner. Rated PG-13 113 mins.
Jan. 17 Tues. 3:30 pm JR Searcy Book Club: Bring a book to discuss.
Jan. 20 Tues. 4 pm Main Caring Quilt: Help make quile squares for a quilt that will be sent to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.
Jan. 20 Tues. 4 pm West Ouachita Movie Night: Guardians of the Galaxy
Jan. 21 Wed. 4 pm West Monroe Teen Time: Magic the Gathering card game. We will teach and play with old school rules.
Jan. 22 Thurs. 4 pm Ouachita Valley Movie: Divergent Pg-13, 140 min. Popcorn for attendees.
Jan. 22 Thurs. 4:30 pm Ollie Burns Wii Game Tournament
Jan. 23 Fri. 4 pm Ouachita Valley Youth Advisory Committee. Favorite book discussion.
Jan. 26 Mon. 3:30 pm West Monroe Teen Time: Craft. DIY ID pouches. Decorate and keep them.
Jan. 27 Tues. 3:30 pm JR Searcy Movie: WALL-E Rated G. 104 mins..
Jan. 28 Wed. 4 pm West Monroe Teen Time: Anime RPG Golden Sky Stories.
Jan. 29 Thurs. 4 pm Main Winter Luau: We are going to take virutal trip to Hawai'i to shake off the last of the winter blues.
Jan. 29 Thurs 4 pm Ouachita Valley National Puzzle Day!. make a GIANT puzzle piece and put together a puzzle. Hot cocoa for all attendees.
Jan. 29 Thurs. 6 pm Ollie Burns Movie Night


More Stuff!

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What's fun!

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Please call the Ouachita Parish Public Library Young Adult Department if you have any questions concerning the schedule of events. Clair Calhoun, YA Coordinator, can be reached at 327-1490 ext 3024 or emailed at


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