Date Day Time Branch Description
Jul. 24 Thurs. 1 pm Carver-McDonald Teen Craft
Jul. 24 Tues. 2 pm Main DIY Galaxy Shirts. Please bring a black t-shirt or register@327 or
Jul. 24 Thurs. 2:30 pm Ollie Burns

DIY Lava Lamps

Jul. 24 Thurs. 5:30 pm Sterlington Flubber, and a Special Craft
Jul. 26 Sat. 11 am Anna Meyer Lunch & a Movie: Sherlock Holmes
Jul. 28 Mon. 2 Anna Meyer Popcorn & a Movie: League of Extraordinary Gentleman
Jul. 29 Tues. 10 am Sterlington Edible Slime, and Cells
Jul. 29 Tues. 2 pm Main Clay Animation: Make a mini movie using clay animation.
Jul. 29 Tues. 2:30 pm Ollie Burns

Sciquest: Observe, Guess, and Experiment. Fantastic Foamy Fountain: Elephant Toothpaste

Jul. 29 Tues. 3 pm Anna Meyer Wii Night
Jul. 29 Tues. 3:30 pm JR Searcy End of Summer Wrap-Up party with Wii Games and Pizza!
Jul. 31 Thurs. 10 am Sterlington End Of The Summer Party
Jul. 31 Thurs. 1 pm Carver-McDonald

Teens in the Kitchen. Making Smoothies. What's your flavor?

Jul. 31 Thurs. 2:30 pm Ollie Burns

End of Summer Reading Party

Jul. 31 Thurs. 4 pm Anna Meyer Steampunk Canvas Art